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Nitroforce Industries

Thank you for your interest in Nitroforce Industries. We are a small company with big ideas that turn into ground breaking innovations. What makes us different from other companies that make workout equipment is that we look at what the body needs to achieve performance and then design, create and manufacture the equipment and programs around those high level parameters. We have introduced two industry changing exercise platforms for high performance home fitness, the NITROFORCE®, and in the golf industry, the NITROSWING®.

Founded in 2004 by Frank Campitelli & Debrae Barensfeld, both certified personal trainers, exercise experts & nutritionists, and pioneers in the fitness industry have over 30 years of insight to leverage. The Nitroforce Industries mission is one of commitment and perseverance. We understand the physical demands of training for sports, and the distinct attributes needed for them. Fitness is not just about "looking good" to us. It's about the acquisition of high performance traits that lead to success. Our approach to an activity or function, through our patented technology, will provide the strongest, fastest, most explosive movement patterns that create the skills to dominate.

The original idea behind the NITROFORCE® was to be the lightest, strongest, fastest, most powerful & most versatile home gym in the world. It has proven to be exactly that, but has evolved into so much more. The unique advantage of using nitrogen gas pressure as resistance eliminates inertia, centrifugal force, and momentum forces during all parts of the movement, which also makes the Titan® 1000 a perfect tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation. However, it's vast range of selectable resistance of 1 to 1000 pounds offers the intensity necessary to train professional athletes at velocities that are unconventional.

In addition to offering over 100 exercises and 1000 lbs of resistance, Nitroforce Industries ascertains that through frequent, intense, high speed repetitions, the NITROFORCE® will provide a training stimulus that no other gym in the world can produce. Nitroforce Industries is taking training to the next level by increasing the body's ability to produce speed, power, reaction time, agility, and movement coordination far beyond what existing equipment provides.

Just as the NITROFORCE® is like the "Swiss Army Knife" for fitness and has a broad arsenal of versatility for all sports and activities, the NITROSWING® was literally "pin point laser" designed specifically for golf. The feat of turning the golf swing into an exercise movement that is fueled by "nitro" and guided by lasers is one of the most innovative training devices golf has ever witnessed. The initial thrust in development was to leverage the high speed-high resistance attributes the Titan® 1000 discovered for speed and power, but in a perfect bio-mechanical golf swing movement. Without a doubt the NITROSWING delivers world class long drive swing power stimulus and no other golf fitness product or program even comes close to the distance results the NITROSWING has shown.

And if that weren't enough, the development of the revolutionary laser guided Multi-Sensory Integration (MSI) handle that provides visual, auditory, and tactile feedback information (see, hear, feel) is monumental. The MSI handle can be used to correctly diagnose swing problems on the fly in real time. From diagnosis, you learn the correct swing patterns, further develop the automation of the swing with high frequency interaction, and then build the swing with more speed and power by increasing the intensity with additional high velocity resistance.

We didn't just raise the bar in exercise equipment design, we went to another level. In addition, that's what we do, go beyond normal limits. After all, you can't build the body of the future with the equipment of the past.

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