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The NITROFORCE® Home Gym Machine

The NITROFORCE® is the world's most powerful home gym trainer. It's lighter, stronger, faster, safer, smaller and more affordable than anything the world has ever seen before. Bowflex, Total Gym & Crossbow are now officially OBSOLETE.


  • Compact
  • Strong Lightweight Construction
  • Safe Controlled Resistance
  • Full Body Exercises
  • Free Weight Feel, Machine Control
  • Economic
  • Easy To Use
  • Fits Anyone's Workout Program
  • Resistance Training Workout
  • Time Elimination Of Loading Weights
  • Wide Range Of Resistance Forces (5-1000lbs Of Force)


  1. The user can select exercises with a wide range of resistances with the barbell machine movements that have set movement path for stability, safety, and maximum force applications, and then be converted to cable movements for stability/functional style exercises.
  2. Enables the user to do natural vertical gravitational movements like free weights without the velocity related problems associated with weights. Inertia, momentum, and/or centrificle forces are eliminated by the virtue of the gas pressure resistance. It also can do horizontal cable movements from a wide array of resistance points. No other machine offers this versatility. From 5lbs - 1000 lbs of mass-less resistance (concentric/eccentric) reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that comes from traditional weights.
  3. Offers a Fixed ROM for safety. No worry of contraindications of balance & control issues for PT. However, allowing more functional ROM with the attachment of the cable assembly. Adding a 3rd pulley to the NITROFORCE® offers a free floating bilateral motions which can simulate swimming strokes, crossovers, punches, etc.
  4. User can do movements as slow or as quickly as desired without oscillations in resistance. This also reduces that peak torque at undesirable parts of the ROM that leads to injury and provides a steady resistance throughout the entire ROM.
  5. Highly transformable and adaptable workout platform that has a high range of adjustability to suit the patient's needs and abilities. All known grasping tools that come with other equipment is usable.