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Debrae Barensfeld, Co-Founder Nitroforce Industries

You would never know Debrae started out as an athletic, shy girl from Valley City, Ohio. But at the age of fifteen her braces came off. The shy girl came out of her shell as the world proved to be full of opportunity. While pursuing Musical Theater and business majors, she could always be found performing in Community Theaters or singing in shows and nightclubs. Her aspirations led her to Los Angeles where she studied film acting under Lyllian Chauvin, vocal training with Lee and Sally Sweetland and attended the Commercial Acting School of Teppers & Gallegos.

After a six year stint in the Las Vegas Revue, Playboy’s Girl’s of Rock and Roll, working for the infamous Hugh Hefner and sharing the stage with George Lopez, Debrae starting pushing herself toward the opportunities of acting. She has appeared in hundreds of television commercials, local television shows, infomercials, sitcoms, films, industrial videos and 2 shows with the Cleveland Browns. Debrae proved her golf skills by rubbing shoulders with Hollywood greats at the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Invitational and making it to the Women’s World Long Drive Competition in Mesquite, NV.

Debrae has written, produced and hosted her own independent music television show titled, Independent Country Express, as well as her own music CD, Desperate Heart, which she produced under her record label, Crusader Records. She opened for many country acts such as; George Michael Montgomery, Randy Travis, Kenny Chesney, Jamie O’Neil and Phil Vassar to name a few. Her appetite for performing, songwriting, writing children’s books, scripts and commercials has not slowed down one bit. She recently published a children’s book written about her pet Silver Fox named Kit, titled, FOX: Lost and Found. Recent projects include being the national spokesperson for several companies, as well as on-camera talent for commercial and industrial commercial work.

Sports and weight training have always been a major part of Debrae’s life. Aside from being the mother of Ashley and Zachary, she finds personal training to be the most rewarding career choice as of late. In 2005, she became a certified personal trainer and Subject Matter Expert with the NFPT. Now committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Debrae is Co-owner of NITROFORCE INDUSTRIES, along with the NITROFORCE TITAN 1000, the NITROSWING and the very popular NITRO PRO Protein Bar.

“The NITROFORCE TITAN 1000 is the lightest, safest, strongest and most affordable home gym on the planet. My hopes are that people will learn that it’s not only about having a good figure or shape, it’s about living a healthy, strong, confident and disease free life. When you feel good, age really is just a number!”

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