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Frank Campitelli
The Inventor and Co-Founder Nitroforce Industries

Frank Campitelli grew up in a rural lakeside community of Lake Mohawk near Canton Ohio. This outdoor setting developed a taste for being physical with his environment and did not spend a lot of time inside. At age 10 bought his first home gym, a Weider Power X, and some weights to develop his physique. Having difficulty keeping up with his peers at an early age, his growth spurt did not occur until 17 years of age. Early on his development was minimal and sports were intimidating. His mother often wondered why he did not develop like his older brother and began supplementing his diet with large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other food products from bee pollen to brewer’s yeast.

At the age of 14 he was roughly 80 lbs in body weight and just over 5 foot tall. In the eight grade he did not have to cut weight to make the lowest weight class in the schools wrestling program. As he entered high school he took as many classes in home economics so he could learn about nutrition, eat, and manage to talk to all the girls. Considering that his mother is 5’3″ and his father is 5’10” he managed to grow to 6’2″ by optimizing his growth potential with exercise and sound nutritional practices. This set in motion an interest in exercise and nutrition that would turn into a profession.

Ohio University was his next step in education and continued to develop himself scholastically and physically. He continued learning and experimenting with exercise-diet programs that led to further development. Graduating in 1990 with a BSHec., majoring in nutrition, he decided not to become a registered dietician and went straight into the personal training business to pass his knowledge to clients. His straightforward scientific approach to diet, weight loss, fitness and hard work ethic got results and a full time clientele.

Being a role model now required further ideas and looking to those who blazed the trail before him, he researched individuals who created their own destiny in the similar fields. Motivational gurus like Anthony Robbins, diet book giants like Dr. Barry Sears, and even the ageless Jack Lalanne were studied. But it is no surprise that one of the biggest influences was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography and how he created his life with powerful forethought and execute the “master plan” concept. Frank learned to do the same for himself and pass this on to his clients. One must use their imagination and visualize the future so that a plan that can be made as a road map or template to make it reality.

With an estimated 35,000 hours training clients over the last 20 years, a wide range of experiences with clients of different ages, body types, needs, and goals has contributed information to the creation of three books, 8 exercise videos, infomercials, and exercise products. His continued quest for knowledge to pass on to others formed a platform that he would use to create his ultimate dream, the perfect exercise device.

Always looking, always searching, with the support of his partner Debrae, the perfect exercise machine was born by his own hands as he used what he experienced in the gym and the tools he had in the garage. The introduction of high pressure nitrogen gas springs as resistance replaced the large steel weights and thus solved the extremely high force equation and the ability to be lightweight and economic at the same time. As the NITROFORCE prototypes continued to develop, become more and more refined, it now had the ability to produce over 1000 lbs. of body forging resistance and the machine was coined the TITAN 1000.

As inventor, product development is still a major part of his daily duties and keeps thinking of ways to improve the TITAN 1000, create new products like the NITROSWING, and further human health and performance.