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The NITROFORCE® Home Gym History

The NITROFORCE® has just made all current home gyms on the market obsolete and has been called "The World's Most Powerful Home Gym". This piece of exercise equipment has taken resistance training to the 21st century. It doesn't use heavy weights, bows or elastic bands for resistance. It uses High Pressure Nitrogen Gas Springs (NITROSHOX) for resistance. These NITROSHOX are found all through the automotive industry to open and assist heavy moving parts like hatches, trunk lids, and hoods. This is the first known application for them to be used as resistance for exercise equipment instead of assistance. These NITROSHOX have tremendous output force capabilities from the high pressure charge of nitrogen that is sealed inside, but only weigh 2 lbs.

This patent pending innovative machine was invented and developed by Frank Campitelli, BSHec., N.F.P.T., best selling author, and Chief of Health and Fitness Research for NITROFORCE Technologies and co-founder of NITROFORCE Industries, Debrae Barensfeld N.F.P.T. The NITROFORCE® has gone through many prototype models providing design, fabrication, construction ideas that now have incorporated these user friendly traits that the NITROFORCE® currently has.

The NITROFORCE® was designed around function first. Resistance training exercise uses forces from many different angles, directions, and height levels to work all the different parts of the body with these resistance motions. It wasn't designed by some engineer that does not work out, or around an upright seat and a weight stack like current conventional equipment on the market. The human body mechanically pushes and pulls with its muscles/skeletal system against gravity mostly, so this was kept in mind. This is also done in an up and down motion just like gravity as well. Understanding human physiology, kinesiology, and current exercise techniques contributed to the unmatched design of the NITROFORCE®.

The biggest innovation that the NITROFORCE® has is the use of the NITROSHOX for the resistance. These little compressible units don't need gravity for resistance. They are compressed with a lever that is attached to the frame of the NITROFORCE® machine. The controlled compression and extension forces of the NITROSHOX make for a solid smooth operation that feels like free weights without having all the mass, cost and negative aspects of weights. The force can be adjusted by use of multiple NITROSHOX, moving the attachment slide cuffs, and changing the length of the handle bar for different leverage mechanics.

The NITROFORCE® looks simple and sleek. This is due mostly to the NITROSHOX, which are not intimidating by any means to look at. These small high pressure units are very deceiving though. Everyone that has been on the NITROFORCE® is amazed how strong the NITROSHOX really are, especially professional athletes. One NITROSHOX needs 250lbs. of force to compress it in the maximum leverage position and you can add three more which equals 1000 lbs of resistance. Most people see the TITAN® 1000 and assume it's similar to the hydraulic shock absorber equipment and think it's the same type of thing. A couple of repetitions later they feel the difference, because NITROSHOX units push back and hydraulic units don't.

The NITROSHOX deliver force in both directions; extension and compression. Eccentric and concentric muscle contractions (positive and negative) result from these bi-directional forces. Hydraulic dampers are very different than NITROSHOX. Dampers create resistance by forcing fluid through small holes in a piston from one chamber to another which is giving fluid pressure from compression of the piston and they don't push back once compressed. Essentially, you are the one providing the resistance with hydraulic equipment which only gives concentric muscle contraction and not eccentric muscle contractions.

NITROSHOX have nitrogen gas compressed inside them, and when compressed, the nitrogen gas resists the shaft from entering the tube. Also, as the shaft moves into the tube upon compression the volume of the chamber of gas inside decreases. This increases the pressure giving even more rebound or resistance to the compression. Nitrogen gas is totally safe and is NOT flammable. Almost 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen and has been used in all kinds of industrial applications. Nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the Earth and when combined with other elements create some of the most powerful compounds man has ever known. Now, we are putting nitrogen to work to make the most powerful home gym.

The NITROFORCE®'s design is made up of two main parts, (1) frame/bench/ platform, and (2) handle pole/extension/handle bar. They are connected by a heavy duty pivot junction. The NITROSHOX connect the two main parts on either side and the user compresses the NITROSHOX by pushing or pulling the handlebar. Depending on which side of the pivot they are connected the NITROFORCE® has up or down pressure. The NITROSHOX slide cuff mounts on the handle pole can be moved, which provide different leverage ratios, which in turn change the force at the handle. The pressure of the NITROSHOX never change, it is the leverage ratios that change the observed handle pressure.

When the NITROSHOX are connected on the large radius opposite of the bench/platform it has down pressure like conventional weights. Some of these exercises are bench press, shoulder press, leg press, squats, dead lifts, calf raises, lying triceps extension, shrugs, and up-right rows. Variations can be performed by using different hand positions, body positions, and even one hand or foot utilization just like conventional barbell and dumbbell exercises.

Once the NITROSHOX are removed, the handlepole is raised and the NITROSHOX are reconnected on the same end as the bench/platform, up pressure is created just like a pulldown machine. Exercises such as lat pulldowns, abdominal crunches, triceps pushdowns, and modified dips are performed. Once again, variations can be performed by using a single arm, hand and body positions.

Now, once in this position, the bench can be easily removed with a single pull-pin and a cable assembly can be attached in either a high or low pulley configuration. Resistance direction can come from almost every possible angle from this simple design thus resulting in a large array of exercises.

The handle pole extension/handle bar tool is also an unconventional design. This two-piece design can be manipulated several ways to provide a wide range of operations by the user. Starting upward pressing movements can be attained from a low 15 inches (deadlifts) to 48 inches (shoulder presses, squats) from the ground. Starting downward pulling-pressing movements have a maximum of 89 inches (lat pulldown) to 53 inches (triceps pushdowns) in height. The ability to accept other tools is also an option as a leg press attachment and cable crossover conversion of the handle bar are already available.

In the future there will be many attachments as users request new innovative designs and lighter weight materials such as aluminum and composite materials will be incorporated. In the not-so-distant future a 40 pound carbon fiber NITROFORCE® will be constructed and mass produced as the ultimate resistance training machine.

The NITROFORCE® can produce half a ton of output force without weighing 1000lbs. and be adjusted down to 1 pound of resistance. It can do over 90 exercises without having multiple stations and taking up a whole room or basement. It is capable of performing exercises that no other equipment can perform and would ordinarily take thousands of dollars for the many pieces of equipment at a fraction of the cost.

This is a giant leap for resistance training equipment and is going to force the industry think about resistance training equipment differently. The NITROFORCE® has applications for everyone. Especially bigger men who don't own home gyms because they just don't have enough resistance to get a good workout. Or, someone that is on a tight budget and can't afford the space or money for a home gym. Economics play a large role in purchasing a home gym. If you rent an apartment you are less likely to own a home gym because space, money, and portability are factors when considering a home gym.

Renters go to a gym because it is the only realistic alternative. Since that has now changed, you can take the NITROFORCE® with you since it only weighs about 165 lbs and without having to totally disassemble it if you move. And if you don't have a basement, we made it an attractive metallic red so you can be proud to put it right in the living room and it will be the focus of that room.

The NITROFORCE®'s innovative design creates a one station, high output, low weight, simple, sleek, safe, versatile and effective exercise platform. No other machine in the world looks like it, and no other can compare. The NITROFORCE® is "The World's Most Powerful Home Gym" in more ways than one.