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The Best Tasting Bar EVER!!

As a personal trainer, you get asked nutrition questions all the time. One question that always comes up is, "What's the best protein bar for me?" It's true, protein bars are convenient as a perfect snack and even a meal replacement. Since eating healthier or dieting usually means boring meals and cutting out sweets, it helps if your protein bar can be both a treat and good for you!. What if you could get a protein bar that tasted like a dark chocolate candy bar secretly hiding the nutritional value of 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in each bar? A bar that was healthy and satisfied your sweet tooth! You're thinking there's no way. There are protein bars out there that have vegetables in them and they don't taste very good. They either taste like vegetables or have an after taste. Finally there is a bar that tastes too good to be good for you. The NitroPro bar is the best tasting protein bar ever!

NitroPro bars provide quality soy protein and vitamins disquised in a delicious dark chocolate supporting a balanced diet and active lifestyle. How many parents have to struggle to get their kids to eat vegetables? Now instead of trying to convince them to sit and eat 6 servings of fruits and veggies, you can give them one NitroPro bar. This potent super food formula is an amazing blend of antioxidents and nutrients like blueberries, grape seed extract and green tea. You still get all the vitamins just not the sugar!! So it's perfect for getting kids their recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. NitroPro bar is 100% natural and gluten free. A serving size is 50 grams and so easily digested. They have been especially popular with runners. And since it's low on the glycemic index, it's a perfect bar for maintaining energy and stamina. No other bar compares for (to coin the phrase,) 'eating on the run!'

Each bar contains 195 calories with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Currently we only have dark chocolate raspberry but you'll never get tired of it!

Our company is Nitroforce Industries, LLC. We are inventors/creators of the Nitroforce TITAN® 1000 (Trainer), The NITROSWING® (High Performance Golf Swing Trainer) and the NITROPro Bar. We are dedicated to only the best products and recently were asked to appear on ABC's TV Show SHARK TANK. You can find our products at, and