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The TITAN® 1000 was Built for You

The TITAN® 1000 is for everyone, and has advantages for all levels, ages, and types of training. No matter if you are a beginner or professional athlete, male or female, young or old, the TITAN® 1000 was designed to accommodate all abilities and needs of specific groups and populations. Not everyone will fit into these categories neatly. Some of you will fit into several categories.

No company has ever seriously produced a home gym that a serious athlete could use and accommodate a young beginner too. Many companies claim they do, but in all seriousness any home gym that claims this is absolutely absurd.

The TITAN® 1000 was designed by someone who was serious about creating something that could raise the level of a personal exercise device above existing levels of commercial equipment. And it was done at an affordable price. We at NITROFORCE INDUSTRIES are proud of what we have created, and we are not afraid to brag. The TITAN® 1000 can back up what we claim.

Who can benefit from the TITAN® 1000?

The TITAN® 1000 is so safe and controlled it is perfect for all ages and abilities! From Physical Therapy to Professional Athlete!

The Nervous & Muscular Systems Work Together with the Titan® 1000

Let's go over how the nervous system and muscular system work together to produce force. Before a muscle cell can contract, it has to be recruited, or turned on, by the nervous system. Once it is, it fires with all of its force. How much force a muscle cell generates when it fires is almost solely determined by how much protein is contained in it, or how big it is. Some muscle cells are bigger than others, but how much peak tension a given amount of muscle cells (fast twitch or slow) can generate will always be determined by how much space they take up. In other words, a "slow-twitch" muscle cell might be only half as big as a "fast-twitch" muscle but 100 slow twitch muscle cells can generate the same peak force as 50 fast twitch muscle cells since the total amount of protein they contain is the same.

Depending on the inherent speed of a particular movement, factors like the dominant fiber type of a particular muscle play some role into how much tension ends up getting delivered, as fast twitch fibers build up to peak tension quicker. Fiber type plays no role in slower movements like powerlifting (1-4), but plays more of a role in very fast movements like throwing (5-6). But to keep things on track, anytime you add muscle size, the amount of protein contained in your muscle cells increases and they (the individual muscle cells) get bigger and produce more force than before.

Thus, the tension generated in any movement is determined by how your nervous system can turn on and coordinate your bicep muscle cells during a movement, along with the total amount of protein (size) contained in those muscle cells being recruited.

Thus, you can improve most real world displays of explosiveness by either getting more coordinated or by getting bigger muscles.