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Technology takes training to a new level

The TITAN 1000 uses high-pressure nitrogen gas springs, NITROSHOX, for resistance. These NITROSHOX are used throughout the automotive industry to open and assist heavy moving parts like hatches, trunk lids and hoods. This is the first known perfected application where they are being used as resistance for exercise equipment instead of assistance. The NITROSHOX we use have tremendous output force capabilities from the high pressure charge of nitrogen that is sealed inside - but only weigh two lbs!

When compressed, the nitrogen gas locked inside the NITROSHOX resists the shaft from entering the tube. When the shaft moves into the tube upon compression, the volume of the gas inside decreases, which increases the pressure, giving even more rebound or resistance to the compression.

Nitrogen gas is totally safe and is NOT flammable. Almost 80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen and has been used in many industrial applications. Nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the Earth; when combined with others, it creates some of the most powerful compounds known to man. We've taken this knowledge and manipulated the elements to create the most powerful home gym and most advanced golf-training aid. 

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